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Our School History

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 Marengo High School was the result of the consolidation of Mud Creek and Jake Dunning Schools, along with other maneuvers.  Mud Creek and Jake Dunning Schools became Rosenwald School when Roseneald Foundation funds were matched to build a three-room school building on the Marengo High School site.  This new structure was named Rosenwald School.  These funds were matched by local citizens who were interested in a better community school.

Principal Arthur Craig applied to the Rosenwald Foundation for funds and served as leader during the building of Rosenwald School.  The Rosenwald School was later named Marengo Elementary, Marengo Junior High, and, lastly, Marengo High School.  Mr. J.K. Pearson donated the land.

Early principals of the school include Professors Arthur Craig, William Fitts, Washington, Moses Lofton, and Sharpe.  Professor J.J. Evans served as principal from 1944 to 1981, and Marengo High School conducted its first graduation ceremony in 1948.  Also, during his tenure, Marengo grew from a three-teacher to a forty-teacher school with approximately 750 students.

Currently, there are approximately 20 teachers and 225 students.